Call for Papers

C&G Special Issue

Paper submission deadline: Jun 17, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Jun 20, 2020

SVR offers the opportunity to submit papers to a special section of the Elsevier Computers & Graphics Journal. The papers submitted to this section are supposed to describe original and mature research results and have no page limit (although we encourage you to write papers around 12 pages).

Paper submission deadline: Jun 30, 2020
Paper submission deadline: July 15, 2020 (extended)
Paper submission deadline: July 17, 2020 (extended)
Paper submission deadline: July 20, 2020 (extended)

SVR has 3 submission categories: Research Papers, Application/Case Studies & Review Papers. Each work will pass by double-blinded peer-review process. Outstanding papers submitted will be invited to submit versions to a special session in the SBC Journal on Interactive Systems.

Pre-Symposium and Tutorials

Pre-Symposium submission deadline: Aug 31, 2020
Tutorials submission deadline: Sep 05, 2020

SVR tutorials aim at promoting the skills necessary to master recent technological developments and to disseminate areas of study, which amplify the participants’ education/research perspectives, in academic level. SVR tutorial proposals should be planned aiming at presenting intermediary and advanced level content.

Workshop of Theses and Dissertations

Paper submission deadline: Jul 6, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Jul 20, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Aug 3, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Aug 10, 2020

The WTD-SVR provides a unique opportunity for students to discuss their master’s dissertations and doctoral theses, allowing the preliminary work to be evaluated by researchers with expertise in the SVR topics of interest and benefiting from all the input gathered during the Workshop, which may lead to a improved work as result of interactions with experts.

Workshop of Undergraduate Works

Paper submission deadline: Jul 6, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Aug 23, 2020

WUW-SVR aims to encourage the scientific initiation students and recent graduated researchers in the VR and AR areas to share and discuss their studies with the community. It seeks to stimulate the Virtual and Augmented Reality community to present works in the various interest topics of the SVR.

Labs Presentation

Paper submission deadline: Aug 03, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Aug 10, 2020
Paper submission deadline: Aug 17, 2020 (extended)

At this activity, demonstrations provide researchers, practitioners and companies the opportunity to present Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, techniques, experiments and devices throughout the event. Posters describe ongoing work with preliminary results. The theme of the poster must follow the conference orientation.

Call for XR Xperience

Submission deadline: Aug 24, 2020
Submission deadline: Sep 07, 2020

XR Experience are eXtended interactions, including some level of immersion into the virtual, augmented or mixed realities. Such experiences can include immersion in different areas such as marketing, education, entertainment, health, cinema, industry 4.0 and so on. Premiere and innovative pieces will be showcased throughout the SVR conference venue.

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