Call for XR Experience

SVR2020 invites you to share your cutting-edge, innovative and real-time technology into a new session of XR Experience. 

XR Experience are eXtended interactions, including some level of immersion into the virtual, augmented or mixed realities. Such experiences can include immersion in different areas such as marketing, education, entertainment, health, cinema, industry 4.0 and so on. The XR Experience submission can include some kind of user’s interaction and the authors should identify what kind of equipment is necessary for the user to feel the best and complete experience. Premiere and innovative pieces will be showcased throughout the SVR conference venue.

XR Experience is divided into two main tracks: Demos and Movies. In the Demo Track you are invited to submit your most astonishing, interactive (academic or industrial) projects that are advancing technology and challenge users to think beyond the usual. In the Movie Track we expected to receive your most creative and amazing VR storytelling or 360 video film.

The SVR2020, jointly with SBGames2020 and Sibgrapi2020 events count with approximately 800 participants from all parts of Brazil and many countries around the world. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for researchers, practitioners, movies producers and companies to present their virtual, augmented or mixed reality applications, techniques, experiments, films productions and interactive devices through the event and then increase their network.


An internationally recognized jury will review your work and award Best Demo according to Jury´s Choice!

For the Movie category all participants of the event will be invited to watch and vote to the Best Movie. The most popular Movie will be awarded.

We look forward to your submissions!

How to submit your XR Experience - Demo Track

For the Demos contribution, all authors will submit a two-page abstract describing their demo together with a video demonstrating how it works. Accepted abstracts will be published in specific sessions of the conference proceedings for XR Experience. During the event, the authors are expected to present an interactive demonstration and it is worth suggested to bring with you all equipment needed for that.

The abstract and the video must be sent through the JEMS system, using the track SVR 2020 – XR Experience and choose the Demos Track. The video should be on 1920×1080 or 1280×720 resolution, limited on 2 minutes and 100Mb.

Demos can be submitted in English (preferable) or in Portuguese.

The text must follow the same template used for the full papers submission, including:

Title: Written in capital letters, bold and centered, should be clear and concise, enabling easy identification of the content.
Authors: Name(s) and last name(s) of the author(s), with their institutional affiliation.
Summary: The text must necessarily explain the objective(s), main procedures adopted, most significant results.
Introduction: Contextualize the work to justify its importance.
Objective: Elucidate the research or work purposes.
Materials and Methods: Measurement units and symbols should follow the international system. 3D modelers, game and animation engines should be elucidated.
Results and Discussion: In the discussion, compare the gain obtained with related work.
Conclusions: Should be based on the results and comparative works.
Thanks: If eligible, after the conclusions.
References: If eligible, should only include those mentioned in the text, appearing in alphabetical order and the authors in capital letters.

Please access the JEMS system and choose the XR Experience category and then the Demo Track to submit your contribution.

How to submit your XR Experience - Movie Track

The Movie Track committee prefers experiences that would last between 3 to 5 minutes. If your piece is longer or shorter, we are still excited to consider it, according to the space availability and the quality of the experience. Submitted content will be reviewed by an expert jury based on each piece’s thematic fit, how they work in the appropriate spaces (single showcase), and, most importantly, respect the viewing format/experience that was intended by their creators.

For Movies submissions, please provide an URL to download a self contained Win10 (64bit) executable or provide the movie in an .mp4 (h.264 format) with a minimum width of 3000 pixels and up preferably 4000 pixels.

Movies can be submitted in English or in Portuguese. For others languages, if necessary, please provide the subtitle.

Please send us a descriptive document (PDF) containing the following information about your submission:

Title: Inform the name of your project, movie, piece or content.
Creator’s information: Name(s) and last name(s) of the creator(s), with their role (i.e. director, art design, etc), their company affiliation and their country.
Project website or Company website URL: if applicable.
URL for download: please inform the URL where is possible to access the content submitted to the Movie Track.
Synopsis: Maximum of 100 words, for dissemination in the medium.
Movie length: please inform the total time of the content.
Picture: please include a representative image of your movie/content. The recommended aspect ratio for Representative Images is 3×2 in landscape orientation, at least 1500×1000 pixel resolution. and 300dpi. This picture resolution can be asked later if the work is accepted.
Completion year: please inform the data of the production has been finished. If the production is not finished yet do you expect that it will be finished until September 2020?
Hardware: Please let us know which is the hardware needed for having a perfect experience. Inform the target platform:

( ) HTC Vive
( ) Oculus Platform Mobile
( ) Oculus Rift Platform
( ) Oculus Go Platform
( ) Playstation VR
( ) VR enabled web
( ) Other: specify

Interactivity requirement: is applicable give details about which kind of interactivity is needed. For instance, inform if the user needs to use a handheld controller or any kind of controller.
Software: If applicable, include the software required to run the experience.
Network connection: Please inform here if your experience requires network connection and with which speed.
Other information: please feel free to add any other relevant information about your work.
Acknowledgment: if applicable.

Please access the JEMS system and choose the XR Experience category and then the Movie Track to submit your contribution.

Camera-ready of XR Experience Submissions

The final version of your two-page abstract (for the Demo Track) must be submitted with the SBC Copyright Form. Authors from both Demo and Movie Tracks should submit the Copyright Form through JEMS. The template has the Copyright Form written in English and in Portuguese. It is not necessary to sign both. Authors must choose between one of the two no matter the language in which the draft was written.

Guidelines for the On-site XR Experience

At least one of the authors must be registered in the conference to present your interactive experience on-site. The event will offer a space for each XR Experience, but the author is responsible for the equipment needed for the demo including its guard.

During the event, each presenter is expected to be at the XR Experience site during coffee breaks to increase the opportunities for discussion. We emphasize that there is no financial support to cover expenses with the XR Experience activities.

Important Dates for XR Experience - Demo Track

  • 24/08/2020: Two-pages abstract and video or draft submission
  • 25/08/2020: Acceptance Notification
  • 14/09/2020: Camera-ready and Copyright Submission
  • 07/09/2020: Two-pages abstract and video or draft submission
  • 10/09/2020: Acceptance Notification
  • 14/09/2020: Camera-ready and Copyright Submission

Important Dates for XR Experience - Movie Track

  • 24/08/2020: Descriptive document (PDF) and the URL for download
  • 25/08/2020: Acceptance Notification
  • 14/09/2020: Copyright Submission
  • 07/09/2020: Descriptive document (PDF) and the URL for download
  • 10/09/2020: Acceptance Notification
  • 14/09/2020: Copyright Submission

No-Show and No-Registration Policy

No-show experience are defined as accepted experiences submitted by authors who did not present the experience at the technical meeting. Each experience must have at least one registered author with an Other Track Paper Registration Fee. Each experience must have a different Other Track Paper Registration Fee. Otherwise, the experience is considered a no-registration. No-show and no-registration experiences will not be able to compete for the XR Xperience Award.

Have more questions?

Reach us at:
Daniela Trevisan for Movie Track information or
Edgard Lamounier for Demo Track information.

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